Choosing a Facility

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Skilled Nursing Facility Checklist

It is important for you and your family members to visit the facility to make sure that it meets your needs, as well as those of your family. A few things to consider when choosing a facility are listed here.

Is the facility clean and odor free?
Is the staff pleasant?  Are they welcoming and friendly?
Is the overall feeling that of a “caring place?”
Do the staff seem to know residents by name?   Do they speak and act with respect?
Am I getting clear, straightforward answers to my questions?
Does the facility have the services I need?
How convenient is it to major hospitals and health care?
Do residents appear clean and well groomed?
Do the residents have the same staff on a daily basis?
Is the facility certified by Medicare and Medicaid?
How much is the cost of care in this facility?
How stable is the facility?  Has it changed owners much? Is it a chain or locally owned?
Are the Administrator,  Director of Nursing. and Medical Director all experienced in geriatrics?    
What kind of reputation does it have with previous residents and their families?
Find out the results of recent inspections?  Have problems been corrected?  Were problems significant?